Boxville is 2-in-1: an animated film and a puzzle game

Boxville is an adventure puzzle game about speechless cans living in the city of boxes and drawing doodles on cardboards to tell the stories.
Boxville is good for playing alone to dive into the atmosphere and challenge your brain with sophisticated logic puzzles and riddles, or playing with a friend or family to share unique audio-visual experiences and solve the puzzles together.
Made in Ukraine.

Play Boxville

Windows, MacOS, and Linux builds are available.

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About the Game

The core idea of the game is that it’s not just a game – but also an animated film that you can watch and play at the same time.

We designed Boxville’s gameplay with the purpose of taking away your anxiety and stress. You can explore and observe the world without rushing and pressure.

The game is full of environmental quests and logical puzzles that we have carefully picked from among hundreds of options.


Boxville is a city of boxes populated with old cans. They live quiet and happy lives with their everyday routines and habits. But one day, unexplained earthquakes disturbed their idyll …

Blue Can (our hero) lost his best friend because of that. He started his search, but it is not so easy to move through the city after earthquakes. He has to find a way to move forward, return his friend to his home – and discover the real reason for all those earthquakes. There are many adventures, new friends and it’s not only friends who are waiting for him on the way …

He has to be curious, inventive, careful, and to help others, to reach his goal.

Graphic Style

“I spent several months on finding our unique graphic style.

I have an architectural background, so I wanted to create deep and geometrically correct views. Perspective and realistic lights are fundamental for me. However, I didn’t want to create hyper realistic graphics for Boxville, because it feels cold and synthetic. So, I was searching for the balance between physically correct lightning, architectural sketches’ style and a cartoony look.”

Anna Marinenko, Lead Artist of Boxville


We choose an old-style, 2-D animation style for Boxville to give it a more hand-made feel.

Every interaction is represented with unique animation and sound. If we put all Boxville’s animations together, we can create a full-length animated film!


Every knock, clink and rustle in the game has its own unique sound. Characters don’t speak real language, but they express their emotions very clearly.

Thanks to our sound designer for this!


Our composers created unique tracks for every location, to express its mood.

There are real cardboard boxes and cans used for creating soundtracks.


There is no real language in Boxville. All characters communicate via drawings on cardboard cards.

So, everybody from all around the world will understand the story.

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